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Hector Couto - Lights Off (Area Remote)
Hector Couto - Lights Off
Digital Download Album  

Lights Off

Hector Couto (Area Remote)

VÖ-Datum: 11.06.2012

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 8030001290


Next up on Area Remote you’ll find HECTOR COUTO with his digital EP ‘Lights Off’. Hector Couto is a stunning example that talent and youth can go hand in hand. He’s earned the respect of the international electronic scene in record time and the fact that he was featured in Resident Advisor’s TOP 100 most charted producers of 2011 is evidence of this. His passion, posive energy and genius for creating elegant grooves with energetic and sharp bass lines has meant that his productions have already reached labels such as Viva Music, Saved and now of course Area Remote. LIGHTS OFF: Some funked up action for deep into the night with its bronzy riff bassline oozing into the swinging snippets. You know what to do - Lights off and sound systems on! YOU DESERVE IT: Yes you do! Time to soak up the sunshine and kick back to the house fuelled vocals elevated over a monster bounce mash.Smokin Jo: stomping tracks very nice!Daniel Dubb: Hector has been on the ball lately, You deserve it is the one for me! Mendo: You Deserve It sounds awesome! and Lights Off is super too. Great package, Area Remote never disappoints.Paco Osuna: very nice release :) full supportMeat: Lights of is mine! Great oldschoolish track!!Argy: Nice rude record..like the UK vibe of the Lights Out a lot!Fabrizio [Mnus]: Love it! Hector is always on fire;-)) Tube & Berger: Thanks for "Lights Off" This is exactely what we want :) Dan Drastic: I love Lights Off.Oxia: Great work! 'You Desersve it' is my favoriteEdwin Oosterwal Great sounds! Looking forward to playing them out!

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Hector Couto

Lights Off (Original Mix)


Hector Couto - Lights Off (Original Mix)

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Hector Couto

You Deserve It (Original Mix)


Hector Couto - You Deserve It (Original Mix)

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