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Gantcho & Mystica - Crazy World (Gan Records)
Gantcho & Mystica - Crazy World
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Crazy World

Gantcho & Mystica (Gan Records)

VÖ-Datum: 03.04.2015

Musikstil: Heavy Metal

Artikelnummer: 10089156


What Happens when you Mix Progressive Metal and Pop Opera? The Pop Opera Singer Gantcho and the Prog Metal Band "Mystica" will drive you Crazy with their Brand New Collaboration "Crazy World". "Mystica" rearange Gantcho's hit single "Crazy World"(2011), and create a completely new sound, combining heavy bass guitars, metal band drums and more melodic main theme with dueting voices - and the result is Contagious! This Hyper Original Brand New Version of "Crazy World" is produced by Gantcho and "Mystica" exclusively for GanRecords! Listen and Enjoy!

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Gantcho & Mystica

Crazy World


Gantcho & Mystica - Crazy World

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