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David Harness, MdCL - Harmony (Moulton Music)
David Harness, MdCL - Harmony
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David Harness, MdCL (Moulton Music)

VÖ-Datum: 17.11.2017

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 8210010548


It's almost here! Moulton Music superfans have long been hearing about the now-mythical album David Harness has been working on for years. It's still not here, but we have the first single - "Harmony", a collaboration with Moulton fam Marc de Clive Lowe. The result is deep soul gold, bubbling bass and afro-influenced percussion topped with warm pads and jazzy keys. Finally, everyone gets to hear what we're all so excited about!

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David Harness, MdCL

Harmony (Original Mix)


David Harness, MdCL - Harmony (Original Mix)

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