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Various Artists - BLN FM - Travelling Gems Vol. 2 (BLN FM)
Various Artists - BLN FM - Travelling Gems Vol. 2
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BLN FM - Travelling Gems Vol. 2

Various Artists (BLN FM)

Release date: 30.11.2011

Music Style: Tech-House

Article No.: 8210001373


BLN.FM is an independent internet 24h radio broadcast and web magazine based in Berlin, Germany. It's dedicated to electronic music and its attendant multi-facetted culture and features a live radio broadcast, on-demand shows, a selected Berlin party agenda and selected music information. BLN.FM is a non-commercial association of volunteers and operates strictly independantly based on journalistic principles without the limitations, requirements or compromises that accompany commercial sponsorship.BLN.FM present their second statement on whats Hot in state of the Art Electronica, displaying their usual cross border sensibilities and delivering once again an essential collection of here and now defining tunes from an array of Artists with real talent. A perfect choice for those already in the know, and those who want to be!

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