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Shane Long - Vertigo (Method Records)
Shane Long - Vertigo
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Shane Long (Method Records)

Release date: 22.11.2010

Music Style: Prog-House

Article No.: 8260000279


At the tender age of 20 , Shane Long already has a Cv that most djs would be proud of, Playing alongside djs such as sebastien ledger, mark knight, pete tong and the likes. Absorbing all that great music , led to him taking the next step ,, into the studio, and producing the track you hold in your hands now. Chunky punchy grooves are surrounded by a peak time riff that will blow the roof off.. while keeping it still cool and underground!.the remix here comes from Dirty Secretz, who give the track a tribally house tweak.. keeping the melody but cutting it and giving the track a funkier edge

Tracks on this Album



Shane Long

Vertigo (Original Mix)


Shane Long - Vertigo (Original Mix)

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Shane Long

Vertigo (Dirty Secretz Remix)


Shane Long - Vertigo (Dirty Secretz Remix)

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