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Protech Project - Bm 01 Bucharest Music Album (Bucharest Music)
Protech Project - Bm 01 Bucharest Music Album
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Bm 01 Bucharest Music Album

Protech Project (Bucharest Music)

VÖ-Datum: 16.05.2012

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 10038586


Bucharest Music it's the first release of the label called also Bucharest Music and it's signed by Protech Project(RO) the founders of the romanian label , born and raised in Bucharest. The album has 7 tech-house tracks with specific deep and techno influences and it's inspired by all that Bucharest has to offer , from nightlife to landscapes and it's rich history . The concept it's unique for a romanian label, maybe for world wide and all the tracks of this first product are called after locations, turistic attractions and monuments of the Romanian capital also known as "the litlle paris" (Micul Paris) . The artworks of the album it's also inspired by the urban landscape of Bucharest and this pattern will continue on the fallowing releases of the label. We love music , we love Bucharest !

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