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Ctrls - Interface EP (Token)
Ctrls - Interface EP
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Interface EP

Ctrls (Token)

VÖ-Datum: 23.04.2012

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 8030001224


After releases by Phase & Xhin, which left the techno scene with a pair of extra holes, Token now introduces its third release for 2012.We introduce a new name: Ctrls, from Copenhagen, Denmark.A new name, but not a new artist. Troels B-Knudsen is an ex drum & bass head and earned his producer stripes throughout the years. He slowly made his transition to techno and last year him & long time friend Lasse Buhl formed Northern Structures. To great acclaim, they released their first 2 EP's on Adam X's legendary Sonic Groove label.2012 sees the start of a new chapter, his solo project: Ctrls. His debut for Token is called 'Interface EP' and holds 3 powerful pieces in Ctrls' own style: hard edged, stripped down, metallic sounds, detailed drum programming and a mean low end. With this first EP and a follow up in the works, we're excited to add Ctrls to the Token roster.Take notice.Marcel Dettmann: i really like B1/B2Blawan: Socket really working for me ! Encrypted sex too ! excellent workXhin: all good. Will play of courseDj Deep: Loving Socket! Full support!!!dvs1: Socket is the track for me! Has that nice stompy, jackin vibe...thank you!Marcel Fengler: Great stuff! Thanx!Perc: All good here but Socket is easily my favourite, will get many plays and chartings from me. Big thanks.Developer (semantica / modularz): Encrypted Sex is the one im feeling on this ep. Pär grindvik:feeling "socket".. great one! thanksInigo Kennedy: Excellent stuff! Some great sounds and well put toether tracks and will be playing these out a lot for sure! Great to hear a new name on Token as well!Darko Esser: Token''s fine nose for fresh sounds leads to us to new refreshing artists once again! CTRLS hits the spot big time, Social Vecter and especially Socket blow my mind!Pacou:solid work! thanksPhilip Sherburne (The Wire, Resident Advisor): this is great! "social vector" is really cool, really twitchy and nervous, but dead funky. same goes for "encrypted sex." "socket" is good too, even if it gives me the feeling of insects underneath my skin...Grovskopa: Tearing Berghain a new one with 'Social Vector' sure was one of my finer moments as a DJ. No cheap tricks and thrills needed with such pure somatic body music. This is what techno should always be like, but very few artists manage to pull it off. One of the best Token releases to date, thus also making it one of the best techno EPs in recent years.

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Ctrls - Socket

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Social Vector


Ctrls - Social Vector

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Encrypted Sex


Ctrls - Encrypted Sex

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