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Christian Smith - NYC (100% Pure)
Christian Smith - NYC
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Christian Smith (100% Pure)

VÖ-Datum: 07.05.2012

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 8030001240


Christian Smith is back again to deliver the 79th release on 100% Pure. Born in Sweden, but now based in Brazil – Christian Smith has been at the top of his game for the last decade. 2010 recognised his transformation from a member of the old school techno elite to one of the lead players in the current marketplace with an almost non-stop presence in the upper end of the Beatport sales charts including his Beatport #1 ‘Air Miles’ collaboration with Reset Robot on 100% Pure. The popularity of Christian?s big-room, crossover sound with its melodic, euphoric highs and rhythmical funk energy is testament to the multi-genre draw of his music. Last time he joined the 100% Pure crew he remixed Doomwork’s ‘Gattaca’ (PURE068), this time they flip roles….. NYC: Urban soundscape painted with old school stabs to give you an intoxicating dance thriller that’s like taking the non-stop NYC subway during rush hour ….And with a groove inspired by LNR it’s not just ‘the city that never sleeps’, but also every dancefloor. NYC (Doomwork Remix): Alex Catalani and Claudio Maura – the chart-topping duo that form DOOMWORK take the original to the early morning hours then graffiti spray paint it with spikes of distorted fun. SUJINHO: A tasty melody inspired by warm chords and Brazilian beats that’s already frying the airwaves on Carl Cox’s Global Ibiza Radio show….And just like São Paulo’s favourite restaurant – this dance track delivers!Gregor Tresher: quality release! Pleasurekraft: cool package all around - hard to pick a favorite. 2000 and One: A new classic in the box! Emmanuel: This is Massive! I really enjoy Doomwork remix, these guys are working hard for this sound,Much love! Reboot: Sujinho is the one for me!! will play it for sure!!Bart Skils: cool to see christian back on pure..100% quality! Karotte: christian does it again. bomb bomb bomb. and the doomwork rmx is also nice. deeper as the original but really good.Butch: good shit! ;) can´t wait to play Monika Kruse: funky! like it ! Laurent Garnier: Very cool ep - Great bouncy mixes for the dancefloor –

Tracks auf diesem Album



Christian Smith

NYC (Original Mix)


Christian Smith - NYC (Original Mix)

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Christian Smith

NYC (Doomwork Remix)


Christian Smith - NYC (Doomwork Remix)

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Christian Smith

Sujinho (Original Mix)


Christian Smith - Sujinho (Original Mix)

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