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the delta - minusman (nachtstrom)
the delta - minusman
the delta - minusman
the delta - minusman
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the delta (nachtstrom)

VÖ-Datum: 30.03.2011

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1603301 / NST011

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back in stock! The album got huge support by artists such as Perc, Metalogic, Extrawelt, Alex Tolstey, Tony Rohr and many more.~~The Delta is a side-project of Marcus C. Maichel (X-Dream), Arne Schaffhausen (Extrawelt) and Wayan Raabe (Extrawelt). With their newest output called "Minusman", they are back and ready to play. Time to down rulers and dump the rules about how to create, consume and categorize dance music. "Minusman" is dark, driving and makes no compromises when it comes to displaying the kind of music that the Delta stands for. Since these guys met a decade ago, they have been on a mission. They've enriched their sound by incorporating innovative technologies to provide their truly experimental and innovative soundscapes, ranging from full-on industrial techno through to groovy breakbeats and cinematic soundtracks.~~As boundaries between musical genres became blurred, the band established itself as having a 'no barriers' approach and encouraged diversity. Their style makes a link between the many different electronic music genres that have emerged through the last decade. In 1999 their debut album "Scizoeffective" was in store. This album delivered the clubhit "As A Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling" which became the de facto tech-rock anthem all across Europe and sold more than 15000 times worldwide!~~Not until 2002 did their long awaited second album "Send In, Send Back" come out, which revealed a more ambitious musical direction; the new direction, which featured elements of classic and electronic textures, made the music more accessible without abandoning the dark, foreboding core of their music.~~The Delta have become a force to be reckoned with over the years, with their extensive touring & legendary quadrophonic live-shows they became the touchstone of 'high-end electronics'.~~...~~

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