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Gary Martin  - Escape From South Warren (Motech)
Gary Martin  - Escape From South Warren
Gary Martin  - Escape From South Warren
Gary Martin  - Escape From South Warren
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Escape From South Warren

Gary Martin  (Motech)

VÖ-Datum: 02.10.2015

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1925206 / MTCD013


The release of a full length Gary Martin album on Motech Records serves as a culmination of vision for the label. Originally inspired by Martins Teknotika Records imprint, now some 20 years later, Motech Records has aged into the perfect outlet for his latest full length release, Escape From South Warren.~~~~Gary Martin is one of the unsung heroes of Detroit techno. Since 1993 he has had his own label, Teknotika and by 1996 he had already released 20 EPs and began to DJ and perform live internationally. ~~~~Comprised of twelve new and exclusive tracks, Escape From South Warren features slow building compositions like Moogy Mank, I Dont Know Why, Eastward Course and 2000 People Outside alongside dancefloor burners like We Get Down, This is It, Siren Synth and Galaxy Style. In Escape From South Warren we discover an album built on groove and rhythm as Martin manages to fuse Detroits tech know how with house musics bump n grind to great effect. Even rave, acid house and electro are drawn upon to colour Martin s expansive sound palette.~~~~The album is preceded by the double-headed single Well / We Get Down featuring remixes from Robert Hood and DJ 3000. A second EP This Is It / Galaxy Style featuring remixes from Mark Broom and Rolando follows the album on 12 October.~~

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